How often should I see a chiropractor?
The answer is different for each individual. How often you should be checked depends upon the amount of chemical, emotional or physical stress you may experience in your life. As your spine becomes healthier you will need to be adjusted less frequently.

Your goals for your health and wellness are also a major factor in the answer to this question. Are you seeking crisis recovery or how to prevent re-occurences? Are you looking to feel temporary relief or obtain meaningful correction? Are you trying to get rid of illness or develop wellness?

Chiropractic is never a replacement for any other method; chiropractic is a unique, safe, and effective process that can help restore, maintain, and develop improved health.

Some of our practice members visit us when they detect a problem they're not happy about. Some use our service until they attain a correction, then return when their condition returns. Many visit us consistently as a part of their overall wellness strategy. You decide.

We're happy to help as much or as little as our practice members wish, consistent with their goals for their own personal wellness plan.