Once I start going will I have to go forever?
Once initial chiropractic care results in improved health, periodic chiropractic adjustments help to maintain improved function and enhance overall wellness.

The process can be compared to going to the gym. If your goal is to lose a few pounds you can exercise for a short time and succeed. However if you stop consistent training, you may regain weight, lose any fitness improvements made, invite injury, and simply not feel as good or be as healthy.

You donít have to go to a dentist forever but periodic cleanings and proper dental hygiene are a good idea. A dentist might say "only brush, floss, and care for the teeth you want to keep". Neglect this simple investment in yourself and irreversible cavities and tooth decay will occur.

Like a health club work-out or a dental cleaning, periodic spinal check-ups will help you feel and perform your best. If you stop chiropractic care, spine and nerve stress may continue to build up as before. If that stress build-up is not relieved, your body and overall health will suffer from the accumulated damage and decay of your nerve system.